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Truth Seeks Truth

In this article I will first explain two definitions to show the reader my perspective of these words and how I am using them.

Definition of LIMIT

If we publicly deny the work of the Holy Spirit (blasphemy) for our own gain most likely as a deliberate premeditated act against God, we would loose salvation and perhaps we were never born again to begin with. That’s a limit in disobedience to God the Father (Mark 3:28-29 & Matthew 12:31-32).

Definition of RECURSIVE
Mathematics & Linguistics: relating to or involving the repeated application of a rule, definition, or procedure, or event to successive results for an outcome.

Computing: relating or involving a program or routine of which a part the computer programing code requires the application of the whole computer programing code so that the explicit interpretation requires, in general, many successive executions of the code; the final event comes into reality’s existence (presents itself). this type of code is common in a computer generated parts list for an electronic prototype.

Now the Article Truth Seeks Truth

When God made some statements it appeared He changed His mind (Genesis 6:6-8, Jonah 3:10, Exodus 32:14). But we know God doesn’t change His mind. (Malachi 3:6, James 1:17, Numbers 23:19) Exodus 3:1

Let me give you an illustration of a little boy as one possible answer (a more evangelical conservative answer). Then I’ll give another possible theological answer.

A dad watched his boy play ball hockey with a hard orange ball and not the softer, less dangerous ball, in the driveway. The boy did it yet again; outright defiance! But the father understood the peer pressure his son had among the other boys, and his mom passing away not long ago. But the father won’t harm his son by letting things go. He is a just father, a loving father. The boy has hit a limit.

The father’s intention (truth) is to block the unused driveway by putting a small building on it. He will do it so that it is impossible for the boys to play. Every time they see the new little building they would remember this and learn from it. That’s an absolute truth. They can’t use it.

At the same time he said to himself that if the boy would plead with him from the heart and show remorse then he would on the fly (recursive time) allow the boy to continue playing and the father would actually build up the sides of the driveway to allow the game to be played more enjoyably. He will also give them a ball that is hard enough to use but be completely safe.

He went to the boy. He told the boy the absolute truth that he and his friends will no longer use the driveway.

The boy pleading with him, said how “mom use to like watching us play. I will never never use the hard ball again. You have my word on it, father.”

Then the father said the absolute truth that he can use the driveway. He said I promise you I will build this driveway to allow for more freedom playing ball hockey and will give you a ball that will be perfect.

You see this is an explanation based on our time and space.
In the father’s heart he did not lie, nor change his mind, nor mislead the boy. Truth seeks truth. He sought the boys truth from the boy’s heart and matched it to his own truth, recursively. Our God knew beforehand.

Now some Theology on the Subject

Jesus, Son Of God The Father, in Jesus Covenantal Relationship, is the intermediator between the Father and sinful man. God the Father can not face sin, But Jesus, as the intermediator, in the Old Testament can interact and have a personal relationship with man, and He does. In the New Testament Jesus physically had a covenantal relationship with man and He still does through His word, The Bible

God is all sovereign, will not change His mind, nor compromise His will and purpose; yes purpose. He went to Moses and Noah with a purpose not just a will. As their truth from the heart matched His foreknowledge truth, so His truth is revealed foreknown from before the formation of the world. The will and purpose go hand in hand. Deep in (Numbers 23:19) we see a God of great truth and clarity, unmovable, yet a God of great compassion and a gracious God abounding in love and faithfulness (from Psalm 86:15). He speaks truth and acts in the same truth; He promises in truth and fulfills in the same truth.

In time and space and all things visible and invisible, all the formation that Jesus spoke into existence (Colossians 1:15-20) holds (includes), quantum physics, of which exists and is one of the fabrics of the time-space continuum we dwell in; created for us for God’s glory. In Quantum physics, as we observe a subatomic particle, it’s behaviour changes just by our observation. This leads to multiple outcomes from the one element. I often wonder if this could be the level where God changes outcomes, but I dare not entertain this a a mere mortal.

In God’s foreknowing he knew that man would sin and be an abomination. He knew He would wipe man off the face of the earth with a flood, less Noah and the 8. That’s an absolute truth.

He talked with Noah, and Noah pleaded with God from the heart with great sorrow. Then God said His foreknown truth for Noah to build an ark. We all know how the story goes.

But here is the point. God was foreknowing that Noah would plead with God from the heart with great great sorrow. And God foreknew He would have Noah build the ark. Jesus preincarnate has a relationship with Noah.

From our limitations in time and space there seems to be 2 foreknowing truths of the same truth. How can that be. In quantum physics it’s easily explained as possible recursive realities in time/space, and one becomes the reality.

How much more possible is recursive time with God existing outside of the formation of all things visible and invisible.

Remember this: There is not an iota in The God Breathed Bible that is contradictory. Some things are secret and some things are revealed that we may follow all the words of this law, His Book (from Deuteronomy 29:29).

The Bible will never contradict itself. As God reveals more truth from His handiwork, science, we will learn more about Him as the creator for His glory. Over 82% of all scientists are Christians for a reason (as of 1992); something to think about.

I personally have considered that as energy transcends to matter and matter transcends to energy; So to absolute love transcends to absolute truth and absolute truth transcends to absolute love in an infinite state of recursive transcending. Just my thought.

The verse (Philippians 4:7) touches on the unexplained aspects of God’s Love – and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In conclusion, we see two truths as contradictory truths on the same relationship reality, but God already determined the final truth which, in recursive time, always was the absolute truth. It is simply beyond our understanding.

My purpose is not to attempt an explanation or clever way to explain it, but rather to make it clear we cannot question God’s morals and values. In our hearts we must make this a limit in obedience. The fact that because there is already one possible explanation in God’s gift of quantum physics, with our very limited knowledge, how much more and how many more explanations are there with the infinite God? For now lets stick to the Bible and what it tells us in how God, Jesus, Jude 1:5 (or Jude 5 chapter1 understood as it is the only chapter in Jude) related to us in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and will be on the new earth where He has prepared many rooms for us. Praise His name. Like we say to the little ones, it’s just the way it is, for now.

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